17 and 20 year old dating

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There have been a bunch of these "Large age disparity between partners" questions lately, and in this case I'm not going to sugar-coat it: a 20 year old college student wanting to date a girl in high school is creepy.

There are TONS of cute, smart, available 18-22 year olds at your disposal, and you have your heart set on a 17 year old child, despite the difficulties imposed by her parents.

If the guy or girl is dating someone younger and they are 21 or older the person they are dating has to be at least 17.

But her parents wont let me see her, they made her quit cheerleading because she dates me, and they tell everyone in the town im a pedo and like 14year olds?

Her ass is theirs until she's 18, for the most part.

She doesn't have the freedoms you have as an adult, and if you want to date her, realistically you have to do it either with their permission, or behind her parents backs.

alot of girls at my college do flirt with me too, but it's more of a meh thing, they annoy me, and i started dating her before i went to college, so its a little different, i graduated highschool a couple months ago(i had an issue where i was out of school for over a year(medical), but i did this like education program and did 11th and 12th grade in 4 months, so we were attending the same highschool JUST recently, if i hadn't of done the education program, i'd still be there at 20 with her.

lol her dad hit her before so i called CPS and now the dad hates me, he told her if he finds out were together again he'll beat us to a bloody pulp. She's not allowed to leave the house or anything, she goes to school then home, thats it This is true, but the thing is, when CPS was called before, her parents lied to CPS and said that she fell in an argument, but the thing is, if it happens again she doesn't want me to call cps because she said she'd rather deal with it then live in a foster home, and well emancipation is almost never granted so that's not a route eather.

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