Dagen mcdowell dating rush limbaugh

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Ingraham owns Ingraham Media Group along with businessman Peter Anthony, which produces the new media publication, Life Zette, the duo founded, of which Ingraham serves as editor in chief.

The website's subsections are Poli Zette, Faith Zette, Pop Zette, and Health Zette.

In May 2005, Ingraham told listeners that her engagement to Reyes was canceled, citing issues regarding her diagnosis with breast cancer.

In July 2009 she adopted a 13-month-old boy, Michael Dmitri, and two years later in June 2011 she announced the adoption of her third child, 13-month-old Nikolai Peter.

It was later syndicated to 60 other stations across the country by the original Westwood One, a division of CBS Radio, airing weekdays from to 10 am Eastern time.

Beginning September 3, 1996, the 6 to 9 am portion was simulcast on the cable television network MSNBC.

Ingraham launched The Laura Ingraham Show in April 2001, which is heard on 306 stations and on XM Satellite Radio.In her senior year, she was the newspaper's editor-in-chief, its first female editor.She, along with other writers, wrote several controversial articles during her tenure, notably an article alleging racist and unprofessional behavior by Dartmouth music professor Bill Cole, Professor Cole lodged a .4 million libel suit against this publication and three of its student editors.Imus in the Morning is an American radio show hosted by Don Imus on Westwood One.Over the course of the show's history, it has previously been simulcast on various television networks.

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