Freida pinto dating younger guy

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Be yourself Be confident in who you are, because that comes across as your strongest trait. I feel there is this horrible message going out that boys don’t cry, boys are macho, boys are this, boys are that…The more you are yourself, the less you’ll have an act to keep up with later if the relationship actually works! I like a man who can come in and talk about his weak moments.Eight-and-a-half years in the industry, I’m still working, still doing quality projects, have great industry friends, that’s enough for me.” Chatting with Brunch at an event organised by USL-Diageo’s #Love Scotch, she says, “Working abroad means having to be very flexible.It’s an aggravating process when the only things you get are characters that are stereotypical.Her poise doesn’t slip even as she politely smiles them away.But she shares what works for her and what clearly doesn’t.

“We’ve launched as a non-profit fund – and it’s NOT a charity. It’s going to be a 15-year to lifelong commitment.”The urban nomad That’s a big commitment for someone who calls herself the ‘urban nomad’!

In return, they get a tax write-off and credit for doing something good. When I come here with someone who hasn’t been to the city before, I feel this immense sense of pride no matter how polluted, crowded or uncivilised it can be. The kindness, the warmth, the hospitality you get here, I don’t find that in LA. Also, if you go on a date and you realise you don’t want to be on that date for whatever reason, learn how to respectfully bow out. Make sure your responses are appropriate and empathetic.

But honestly, when I’m at peace with myself, I can find home anywhere.” *Freida’s top five mandates for men on dates If you’re looking for a lifelong partner, then these are very important…1. The man who is doing that (not to mention subjecting the woman to it! Who knows, you may just strike a great friendship if you can just be respectful.4. It’s not just about presenting yourself in the best light, but about assuring her that she’s interesting to you too. Show vulnerability This is most important for me, but it probably varies from woman to woman. And who knows how to be strong in his vulnerability.

In dazzling red, she blossoms like a blood rose under a spotlight.

She wears drama like a sheath, but can shed it at will. Once a model from Malad in Mumbai, she is now an accomplished actor with a home in Los Angeles, several movies under her belt and more exciting projects underway.

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