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A growing number of Revenge Porn cases stems from the popularity of sexting and has triggered the introduction of new laws to protect people from explicit images being maliciously made public.Police have also warned children are increasingly engaging in sexting, with a number of disturbing cases requiring officers to speak to under-12s who have shared intimate pictures of themselves.Sexting has left a number of politicians and celebrities with red faces after details of their messages have been made public.Research by California State University suggests people are actually more likely to sext when they're in a committed relationship.Hasinoff does offer good analysis and support, despite how repetitive she is.SEXTING is becoming increasingly common with the boom in mobile phones and social media - but there are risks involved.David De Matteo, of the Drexel University research mentioned in Time, was quoted in the article: “We were shocked by the prevalence and the frequency of sexting among minors…We were struck by how many of those surveyed seem to think of sexting as a normal, standard way of interacting with their peers.” Sex texting (sexting) can include a variety of messages and images, including nude selfies, videos depicting sex acts, and messages proposing or referring to sex.According to Psychology Today, teens may sext because they believe it will help their relationship or help them get a boyfriend or girlfriend in the first place.

However, it could also be that some men simply enjoy sending sexually explicit messages to other women behind their partner's back, and that despite past embarrassment they still try it again.Legislators and Prosecutors across the US are sweeping up teens who consensually "sext" as child pornography Producers, Distributors and Possessors wasting resources and destroying young lives simply because of the adults moral panic about teens being sexual.If there is no threat, force, intimidation or extortion, the teen(s) in the image were aware of the image being made and all teens (including 1 & 19 year olds) involved are within a 3-4 year range (age-appropriate relationships) then it should NOT be a crime, let alone under the threat of registration as a public Sex Offender.The TV host had already nearly ended his marriage to Daly after sending sex texts to the model in 2010.Teenagers spend a lot of time on their mobile devices watching videos, posting on social media, and talking to each other via text and instant messaging.

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