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A seed was planted There was a priest who was the assistant prison chaplain when I was inside for armed robbery.One day we were sitting in my cell chatting when he said to me “Stan, I want you to give some thought to what would be needed when men are coming out of jail, like a half way house.Then someone I knew, Robbie, got out of prison after eight years. Over the weekend, Robbie stayed with me and I decided that now was as good a time as any to find a rental property for situations like this, and as a home base for the magazine.I needed to find somewhere that was central that the guys could get to, like Fitzroy, Carlton or Brunswick. From that time people just kept coming in, as well as supporters coming on board to help.I have a couple of barrister friends who have noticed first hand there is no support of anyone after release.” This was late 1982.So I set to work and thought hard, and I decided to make an exercise of it.Recently she was awarded an Order of Australia medal for her work in prisons and specifically with sex offenders. He asked “how much is the fare over to South Australia? With that, he opened his wallet and pulled out 0 and put it on the table.He then added another to it saying “We had better give this guy a cup of tea along the way! along with other members of Prison Fellowship who dropped off all kinds of different stuff. Many miracles Miracles seemed to happen all the time.

Word of mouth saw us being recognized for what we were doing and thus more supporters emerged as time went on.I told him I had 0 and was interested in buying the house.I had absolutely no idea how I could come up with that sort of money by the settlement date.We used to have prayer meetings on a Thursday night at Mc Cormick house.Well, the night before the settlement was due, one of the guys walked in just after the meeting had finished to help with the dishes.

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