Soulmate love and dating site

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There are two ways to search for potential suitors: either by entering in a few of your favorite bands (along with your age, sex, preferred gender for a mate and location) or by entering your username.

Since features public profiles, the site can easily filter out your favorite artists and match you with a bevy of beauties(?

For instance, if you could love multiple people, it may be easier to back out of a bad relationship, but at the same time, it also can offer an excuse to have an affair."The idea of a soul mate often results in a sense of security — if they are my soul mate, then I am theirs, and they could never leave me since they can't find another soul mate," said Ramani Durvasula, professor of psychology at California State University in Los Angeles.

"It's likely a false sense of security but a sense of security nonetheless."The soul mate idea is also a fairly romantic notion, says relationship expert Gary Lewandowski Jr."In reality, there are likely several people with whom any one individual could be compatible," said Lewandowski, a professor and chairman in the psychology department at Monmouth University in New Jersey.

But for most people, the emotional bandwidth required to love one person romantically delimits their ability to maintain that feeling with multiple people."There is a sort of tunneling quality to being in romantic love, which often closes us off to maintaining that emotional state with multiple people simultaneously," Durvasula said.

If someone is prone to falling in love while already in a partnership, it may be time for them to do some heavy self-reflection, as it may speak to numerous psychological and relationship issues."A passionate friendship may put a swing in your step, but if you want your marriage to last, you can bring that swing home and invest that energy back into your marriage, or view it as a wake-up call, and, perhaps, it is time to consider letting go of your marriage or committed partnership," Durvasula said.

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I stopped looking for “the one” after a two-year relationship ended, which I had believed was the one.Also, you're matched solely based on musical tastes, and there's not much room for adding more info about yourself — you can add a description and a bio, but that's it.Still, if you're looking to hook up with someone that you can go to shows with — without lurking in record shops and looking over people's shoulders — Taste Buds should do the trick.When testing it out I was wholly unable to find any Jeffrey Lewis-loving dudes in a 10-mile radius of Brooklyn.Most of the users appear to be from England so far, which makes sense considering the founders are British.

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