Vintage tupperware dating

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Last week, the company, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, closed at almost a share.And that success is replicated in almost 100 countries worldwide in which the company has a presence.It’s appalling how people dress when they leave the house these days, especially Wal-Mart!But I’m also surprised how people dress to go to the doctor. After saying all that, I must make it clear that I live in jeans. The images and messages to be posted on the new Facebook page ( steer well clear of any hard sell, however.

Tupper, a former landscape gardener from New Hampshire, who was forced out of business during the Great Depression of the 1930s and took a job with the Du Pont Chemical Company.The company’s success exploded in the 1950s thanks to its army of self-employed female hosts, who sold the products directly to their friends and neighbours through parties or ‘jubilees’.'Tupperware met a real need for women after World War II,' said Ms Steele.'Women had been working en-masse for the first time, but when their husbands returned from war, they were told to go back to the kitchen. Doesn’t that just about complete the perfect Tupperware table? I had no idea until I ran across some a couple of weeks ago. The 12″ ones could go under a plate and the 6″ ones could serve as coasters.

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